Exhibition Artist:李漢強

Lee Kan Kyo is a Tokyo-based graphic artist from Taiwan, who obtained his M.A. Degree in Design of Tokyo Zokei University. Since he was a child, he was fascinated by the glamour of Japanese culture on TV shows, and that led him to go ahead to Japan in 2007. His art works are mostly inspired from modern consumerism of the society and observation of life in Japan such as Supermarket Flyer Series, Weekly Magazine Series, or an ongoing self-portrait photography, which began four years ago, Juicebox Selfie (upload a selfie taken after drinking a box of juice every day, and compile a selection of them to a pack of playing cards). His latest project, Lee card, (a collection of hand drawings for Lee’s loyalty card). In 2014, he created an art work targeting the increasing number of Japanese idol groups to illustrate the mass production and consumerism of modern society,and was awarded the Grand Prize of Graphic Arts in Japan, 1_WALL.

艺术家。出生于台北市。东京造型大学(造形专攻)硕士毕业。从幼年时看的综艺节目中感受到日本文化的奇妙,于2007年前往日本。作品题材主要来自于对当代消费社会与生活的观察,如超级市场传单系列、周刊杂志系列,又或是已持续四年的果汁自拍照计划juicebox selfie(每天喝一盒果菜汁自拍后传上网,每年度把自拍照精选成一幅扑克牌)及李点卡计划(收集人们的卡手绘为李汉强的会员点卡,集满5点可再得一张)。 2014年以日本人数不断增殖的偶像团体为主题,解剖当代社会大量反覆生产、消费现象的作品《少女偶像团体的神话故事》得到日本「1_WALL」平面艺术大奖。目前居住于日本东京。最近一次个展是2019年在台北朋丁举办的“李真的很强”。