Exhibition Artist:老妖精

老妖精是一个混沌中正在形成的 集体创作共同体 (ensemble) ,使用当代实验剧场为创作媒介,穿梭于美术馆、艺术节、日常场景与公共空间,寻找比传统戏剧舞台更独特的现场。每一位老妖精都是独立创作者,同时每一个人都笃信集体创作的特殊价值。

_ao_ao_ing is an ensemble that is finding its shape. It uses experimental theatre as medium of creation and continues to engage artists and individuals from different fields, and expand its performance to non-theatre spaces. Every player of _ao_ao_ing is an independent creator yet all of them believe in the special value of ensemble creation. It is sacred.