Exhibition Artist:Yesol
From:Denver, Colorado

Cory Feder来自美国科罗拉多州丹佛市,毕业于芝加哥艺术学院。 Cory Feder 在韩国出身的母亲和布朗克斯出身的父亲的照顾下长大,她总是会发现自己夹杂在两国的文化,身份和语言之间。 作为一个用心阐述的人,她将自己的经历重新编织成没有限制的个人语言,揭开隐藏在世俗中的魔力。

这种挖掘被运用于在从绘画和雕塑到音乐和动画的各种媒介中。 在美国和韩国之间存在,Feder被明确标记为“另一个”。 她的故事探索了一个人与另一个人的关系是如何在人与人之间,成为自我的关系的一面镜子。 无论是在城市,物质还是自我与他人之间,她都是在永久过境的空间中运作,从公共神话和个人梦想转变意义,以包容所有众生的形式进行交流。

Cory Feder is from Denver, Colorado and a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Raised between a mother from South Korea and a father from the Bronx, Cory Feder has always found herself amongst the in between of culture, identity and language. A storyteller at heart, she uncovers the magic hidden in the mundane by reweaving threads of her experience into a fence-less dialect.

This excavation takes place in various mediums from drawing and sculpture to music and animation. Existing halfway between America and Korea, Feder has been explicitly marked as “the other”. Her stories explore how one’s relationship to the other is a mirror to one’s relationship to the self. Whether it’s between cities, material or the self and other, she operates from a space of perpetual transit, transforming meaning from both public mythologies and personal dreams to communicate in a form that is inclusive of all beings.