Exhibition Artist:Raisa Alava

出生在毕尔巴鄂的Raisa Alava毕业于巴斯克大学的陶瓷和艺术史专业,并在ELISAVA巴塞罗那设计与工程学院完成了插图和漫画的研究生课程。艺术家从事绘画,平面设计,丝网印刷和陶瓷制作。她将真实与幻想的经历,集体记忆和随时出现的想法借由作品表达。曾经多次参与过展览,例如在毕尔巴鄂SC画廊(2019)进行的“Wall Between”群体展览。 她近期的项目包含杂志插图设计,个人展览,工作坊以及特定现场装置。

Bilbao-based Raisa ?lava is a graduate of ceramics and history of art at the University of the Basque Country and post-graduate studies in illustration and comics at the ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. The artist works with drawing, graphic design, screen printing and ceramics. She deals with real and imaginary experiences, collective memory and random thoughts. Participant of numerous exhibitions, including the group show "Wall Between" at SC Gallery in Bilbao (2019). Her recent projects include magazine illustrations, solo shows, workshops and site specific installations.