Exhibition Artist:PonciliCreacion
From:Puerto Rico

Poncili 通过运用不同的角度去实践, 探索,结合传统的现场表演,让戏剧的交流依旧存在,甚至超越了所谓的表演。我们的巡回表演由街头表演,面具制作工坊,马拉松式的游行相关内容组成。这些表演是围绕城镇和村庄的全包式户外游行,用作号召社会和政治评论的工具; 他们为社区中的任何人提供参与他们自己的雕塑探索和介入的机会。

我们的艺术过程是探索我们如何通过对物体和运动的知识和理解来影响和改变我们的生活,他人的生活以及我们的集体现实。因此,我们从不局限于创作的艺术场景或局限动作; 我们可以展现我们的国际性作品在木偶节,画廊,博物馆,学校,酒吧,艺术博览会,音乐节,公社,甚至是浴室。

Poncili’s practice, exploration, and tradition lives on through different strategic, performatic, and theatrical means of communication that go beyond performance. Our tours entail marathons of street performance, mask-making workshops, and marches. These marches are all-inclusive outdoor processions around towns and villages used as a tool to address social and political commentary; they provide the opportunity for anyone in the community to take part in their own performatic exploration and intervention of our sculptures.

Our artistic process is an exploration of how we can impact and alter our lives, the lives of others, and our collective reality through our knowledge and understanding of objects and movement. For this reason, we have never limited ourselves to artistic scenes or specific movements; we have presented our work internationally in puppet festivals, galleries, museums, schools, bars, art fairs, music festivals, communes and bathrooms.