Exhibition Artist:桃子假象Peach Illusion

煎唱片是来自上海本地的独立音乐厂牌,致力于发掘新生乐队也试图唤醒人们对于实体唱片的热情。厂牌旗下的一支乐队桃子假象Peach Illusion将于近期发布首张全长专辑。

喜爱日式Citypop的Peach Illusion,将都市的浪漫元素注入到以Indiepop和Synthpop为主要肌理的音乐风格中,并加入了复古的电子成分和自然环境的采样,试图呈现真假变幻、带着桃味甜而细腻的午夜梦境。

主唱 、吉他:圈圈 / 吉他 、合成器:C.c / 贝斯:Shax / 鼓手:娜影。现居上海。

Vocal / Guitar: O.o

Guitar / Synth: C.c

Bass: Shax

Drum: Nayoung

Live in Shanghai now.

The songwriter & singer O.o first met the bedroom music producer C.c in Xiamen University, after graduation they kept chatting online and exchanging ideas re songwriting and arrangement. During the summertime of 2018, the duo project Peach Illusion came out and the first eponymous EP was released. Another members Shax and Nayoung have joined the band with romantic retro since Oct. 2018, a new trip starts from Shanghai⋯

With attraction on Citypop and basic texture as Indiepop & Synthpop inside bringing the urban romance, the music scene blended with vintage electric sounds and nature sampling is the embodiment of mid-night dreaming, dancing between illusion and reality, diving in peach sweetener aura.