Exhibition Artist:MotohiroHAYAKAWA

Hayakawa毕业于山口艺术学院。 2000年,他开始了他在东京的艺术家生涯。
骇人的怪物,叮当作响的机器人和70年代风格的科幻英雄看上去粗糙的外表和激光枪。 Motohiro Hayakawa的漫画场景风格是动作永不停止的战斗,令人兴奋的邀请你走进这个世界并享受乐趣。
Hayakawi出生于日本山口县,在该地区的技术学院进行学习,然后继续从事插画和漫画工作。给他带来深刻影响力的是童年时期的科幻冒险和漫画,特别是80年代早期在日本电视上播出的动画“宇宙刑事卡邦”。 Hayakawa还借鉴了美国漫画家兼插画家蓋瑞·潘特(Gary Panter),以及从流行音乐到朋克音乐的一系列音乐灵感。

使用不同纹理和技术,细纹,果冻状的物体形式和荧光色的混合物,Hayakawa创造了充满活力和叙事天赋的想象空间。自2009年以来,他一直在东京的画廊展出作品,例如东京森下文化中心(Morishita Cultural Centre)。他于2013年在马德里举办个展,同年他的漫画书LASERBEAM由法国出版社Le Dernier Cri发行。


born in Yamaguchi prefecture in 1974.
Hayakawa graduated from Yamaguchi College of Arts. In 2000, he started his career as an artist based in Tokyo.
Lurid monsters, clanking robots and 70s-inspired sci-fi heroes sporting kitsch outfits and laser guns. Motohiro Hayakawa’s comic-style battle scenes are places where the action never stops, thrilling invitations to step inside and join the fun.
Born in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, Hayakawi studied at the region’s Technical Institute before going on to work in illustration and comics. Major influences include the science fiction adventures and cartoons of his childhood, in particular Space Sheriff, a cult Japanese TV show aired in the early 80s. The US cartoonist and illustrator, Gary Panter, is also cited by Hayakawi, together with a range of musical inspirations, from pop to punk.
Using a mixture of different textures and techniques, fine lines, jelly-like forms and fluorescent colour, Hayakawa creates imagined scenes charged with energy and narrative flair. Since 2009, he has exhibited work in galleries across Tokyo, including at the Morishita Cultural Centre. He held a solo show in Madrid in 2013 and his comic book LASERBEAM was released by the French publishing house Le Dernier Cri in the same year.
Recently, his aggressive activities ranging from exhibitions to live paintings all over Japan and beyond are evaluated in worldwide countries.