Exhibition Artist:LALACOMPANY
微博: RadioWoon
Instagram: la.la.company

Radio Woon是一位来自马来西亚的艺术插画家/平面设计师,现居上海,一名爱猫人士,也热爱画画。

成立于2004年,LALA COMPANY是Radio想象出来的虚拟小伙伴,他们是由黑色线条创造出来的大眼人,打扮奇异,行为古怪,凭着自己的感觉去生活。

Radio Woon is an artist/graphic designer from Malaysia who lives in Shanghai, a cat-loving person and loves to paint.

Founded in 2004, LALA COMPANY is a virtual companions that Radio imagined. They have big eyes with simple black drawing lines. They are dressed strangely, behave weirdly, and live by their own feelings.