Exhibition Artist:Kaley Flowers

Kaley Flowers是一名来自加拿大的艺术家,目前住在多伦多。她创作实用型和非实用型的陶瓷艺术作品。她通过色彩、纹理或图案精心装饰自己的作品。数字文化、时尚、网络怀旧以及互联网的社会作用,这些因素都给她带来了影响,她的作品洞察我们和科技与环境的关系。

Kaley Flowers is a Canadian, Toronto-based artist who creates functional and non-functional ceramic art. Her work is elaborately decorated- through colour, texture, or illustrated surface. Influenced by digital culture and fashion, web nostalgia, and the social impact of the Internet, she makes objects that look deeper into our relationships with technology and our environment.