Exhibition Artist:Johanna Invrea

Johanna Invrea(生于1988年,慕尼黑)是一位视觉艺术家,常驻于意大利。 她于2012年获得工业设计学位。自那以后,她开始进行视频和数字艺术,计算机图形,摄影和雕塑相关的创作。 通过这些媒介以及对人体而产生的奇妙兴趣,她一直在探索真实世界和虚拟世界之间的联系以及它们的击溃点。
2017年,她创作了意大利超现实主义,这是一个实验性的调查对于意大利的风景和叙事的表达,通过梦境的眼睛讲述了一个关于自己国家的异国情调的真相,设置了伟大的自然主义和阴暗的一些事件。 自2018年以来,她一直是VR项目Hyper Sleep的创意团队的一员,这是一种哲学文本的黑暗审美体验。

Johanna Invrea (b. 1988, Munich) is a visual artist, currently based in Italy. She holds a degree in industrial design, received in 2012. Since then, she has created work that blends video and digital art, computer graphic, photography, and sculpture. With these media and through a speci c interest in the human body, she has been exploring the connection between real and virtual worlds and their points of collapse. In 2017, she created Surreal Italy, an experimental lm investigating the Italian landscape and narrating, through oneiric eyes, a truth about the exotic character of one’s own country, setting of great naturalistic and chthonic events. Since 2018, she is in the creative team of the VR project Hyper Sleep, a dark aesthetic experience of a philosophical text.