Exhibition Artist:陳滿




Chan Moon’s interests resides in the withdrawn potentiality of architectural space [heterarchitecture][異質空間], art object [heterobject][異質物件] and frequency [ hetefrequency ] [異質音頻] . Both spatial, objectual, and frequential dimensions are exhausted as vessels encapsulating transcendental and entropic qualities. Architectural space, objects, and sounds are agencies of worldmaking, ritual, otherness, and manifestations of a heterotopian world culture.

Chan Moon’s work deals with spaces and objects which are intellectualized as origins of meaning, and as context transforming agents. Both space and physical matter are considered fetishistic, and simultaneously contain and generate meaning. They impose aberrant, obscured experiences and worldviews to transform the reality as we know it. The nature of the works inherently shifts between the object scale, spatial scale, and worldly scale, moving between part to whole as well as its reversal relationships in both physical and perceptual space.

As a collective, the body of work transverse across distinct and contrasting media, between materiality and immateriality, and between primitive and contemporary.

Chan Moon currently works in Hong Kong and Shanghai.