Project:美丽的虚无 Beautiful Nothingness
Artist:Poncili creation

“美丽的虚无”并不是什么特别的东西,实际看到它时,你可能说“这是什么鬼东西”,但你知道,毫无疑问它是某样东西,包括但不局限于大型彩色物体,非线性娱乐,原始的神圣舞蹈和同观众的大量互动。 Poncili Creacion专注于创造力,原始性和动作,去证明我们可以将碎片转化为美丽,证明这种相关的意义。

An object manipulation performance about Beautiful Nothingness.
This is Beautiful Nothingness and it is not specifically anything, in fact you may see it and say “what the fuck was that” but you will know without a doubt that it was something. It includes but not limited to big colorful objects, non-linear entertainment, raw sacred dances and a lot of audience interaction. Poncili Creacion puts a bet on creativity, rawness and motion to prove the ever so relevant point that we can transform debris into beauty.