野餐艺术节是一个国际性多元化艺术节。每年面向全球征集艺术项目,没有创作媒介的限制,在促进艺术文化深度交流的同时, 帮助并挖掘探索更多的领域的创造者,为艺术创造提供更多的可能性。

The Picnic Art Festival is an internationally diverse arts festival. We collect art projects from all over the world without the limitations of the creative media each year.

We would like to help and explore creators in promoting the deep exchange of art or culture in more fields while providing more possibilities for artistic creation.


Picnic Art Festival promotes popularize and projects communication for local and international artists. The concept “PICNIC together” makes artists express themselves more freely and widely. It is also the most important “PICNIC time” in the year.

Picnic Art Festival is an art fair created by artists and art organizations, an interactive and large-scale art party.



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