PicnicArtFestival (PAF!) 是于 2018 年发起的实验性公众艺术节,同年 10 月在上海举办了第一场艺术节。PAF!用 “每年最重要的一次 ‘野餐’” 作为 slogan 开始每一期的招募,它像是一种精神世界的延续,与世界各地的艺术家 “一起野餐”,一起创建更多交流与创作的可能性。

PicnicArtFestival (PAF!) is an experimental public art festival initiated in 2018. In October the same year, PAF! organized the first art festival in Shanghai. We connect worldwide artists to "picnic together" with the slogan "the most important yearly PICNIC, and to create more possibilities for communication and creation.

PAF!作为一个重要的艺术平台及交流活动,每年春秋分别在上海、北京举办艺术节,召集世界各地的艺术家、机构产生连接。展览、行为、剧场、音乐、论坛、工作坊、放映、夜间艺术派对等都会在现场发生。PAF!常设了两个主单元「现场单元」「行为表演单元」,以及常更新的关注单元「艺术家餐厅单元」「Special Festival」「主题项目单元」等。

As an important art platform and interchange event, PAF! organizes festivals in Shanghai (Spring) and Beijing (Autumn) every year, connecting more artists and institutions. During the festival period, there will be Exhibition, Performance, Live Music, Forum, Workshop, Night Party, etc. PAF! sets two regular units [Exhibition] and [Performance], and dynamic Focus Series —  [Artist restaurant], [Special Festival], [Theme Project], etc.


PAF! has been attracting the attention of more audience, emerging artists and art practitioners. PAF! believes art festival is the art form that belongs to the public. It has the influence to close the gap between contemporary art and people’s lifestyles, engaging more audiences and facilitating public "art appreciation" and "art consumption."


PAF! is becoming an enclave of freedom, where art grows wildly as uninhibited grasses. Artists and audience together, fertilize and water the land of our spirits.


2018.10.12-10.14 PicnicArtFestival(PAF)#1 Shanghai

2019.10.18-10.20 PicnicArtFestival(PAF)#2 Shanghai

2020.5.20-5.23 PicnicArtFestival(PAF)#3 Shanghai

2020.8.12-8.15 PicnicArtFestival(PAF)#4 Beijing


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